Ford’s Colony Market Watch – 3Q

My quarterly “Market Watch” newsletter tracks the real estate market in Ford’s Colony, aggregating home sales, sold prices, days on the market and absorption rates. Please reach out to me at if you have specific questions after reviewing these most recent numbers:


January-September 2018 detached closed home sales: 104

Active listings as of September 30, 2018: 70

Average months supply of inventory: 6.8

Average sold price: $512,716

Average sold to original list price: 95.4%

Average price per square foot: $155

Average days on market for under-contract homes: 86

Ford’s Colony closings per month since September, 2017:

Sept. ’17: 11

Oct. ’17: 13

Nov. ’17: 7

Dec. ’17: 3

Jan. ’18: 9

Feb. ’18: 7

March ’18: 10

April ’18: 9

May ’18: 13

June ’18: 21

July ’18: 8

Aug. ’18: 16

Sept. ’18: 12


The joy of getting out and about in FC

Ford’s Colony’s scenic beauty makes walking, running and riding its rolling hills an extra-special experience.

Ford’s Colony is among the most naturally beautiful neighborhoods in the Williamsburg-James City County area. And that breathtaking beauty arrayed over 3,200 manicured acres becomes extra special for active residents who take advantage of the Colony’s winding, scenic and safe roads and walking paths.

While exercising on public roads and streets has become more dangerous lately in large part due to distracted driving, cyclists, runners and walkers in Ford’s Colony enjoy 15 miles of smooth paths and 50 miles of paved roads through woods and over gently rolling hills — with minimal intrusion by vehicles.

And then there’s the gorgeous two-mile nature trail on top of that.

The community of Ford’s Colony is active on a daily basis from first light — walking dogs, traversing “the loop” with friends, heading over to the swim and tennis club to play the wildly popular pickleball — so much so that motorists are used to safely co-existing with and yielding to pedestrians and riders. Usually with a friendly wave from behind the wheel.

That familiarity breeds awareness and a self-assuredness that benefits all who make getting out into the fresh air and invigorating setting a regular part of their Ford’s Colony day.












Play better golf with Ford’s Colony pro’s “Friday Fix”

eric simmons

Eric Simmons is the popular director of golf instruction at Ford’s Colony. Besides being a constant friendly presence around the club, Eric really knows his stuff on the teaching tee – and more importantly he knows how to get information across to his students in a positive and understandable way.

As proof, take a few moments to check out Eric’s outstanding “Friday Fix” series of golf lessons that appear under the video tab of Ford’s Colony’s Facebook page. Eric has covered most every conceivable shot or situation in these lessons — and those he hasn’t he surely will get to soon!

Today’s lesson breaks down the keys to hitting a solid wedge shot in wet conditions, which is par for the November dampness.

Remember, golf is an integral part of the vibrant life at Ford’s Colony. The community features three challenging and picturesque 18-hole championship golf courses — Blue Heron, Blackheath and Marsh Hawk — a fully stocked pro shop, a top-notch staff and a great “19th hole” in Murdoch’s pub.